6 Things to Research About Your Contractor Before You Seal the Deal

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6 Things to Research About Your Contractor Before You Seal the Deal

So you found a contractor who can do your work. Whether you need to build a house, add on to a house, or any other construction job, looking for a qualified contractor is important, and you would like to believe you fond the perfect one.  They have all the experience you need, they act professional, and best of all, they look the part. However, before you sign the contract, here are some things you should research.

Look at This Website

When you are researching your contractor, there is a website that makes the process a whole lot easier. Con-tractors has a website dedicated to contractors who are bad at their job, frauds, and other negative traits you don’t want. Of course, not every bad contractor will end up on this site, and you may need to do a little more digging if you’re still unsure.

The Reviews

Finding reviews on the contractor is always a good move. You can look at the pros and cons of the experiences people had. Con-tractors also have reviews you can read of the contractor you’re interested in. Of course, online reviews are not the be-all in deciding whether or not to hire a contractor. Negative reviews can be a vocal minority, as some people only leave reviews when they have something negative to say. However, reviews are just another tool in your research arsenal.


Perhaps the best way to figure out if the contractor is right for you is to look for references. You will want to look for a contractor who can give you people you can talk to about their experiences. If they are local, look for friends or family members who know more about the contractor you’re about to hire. Head on over to the buildings they’ve built and see how good they are with your own eyes. Alternatively, you can look at their portfolio on their website.

Having somebody you know who has had a positive or negative experience with them can feel way more impactful than some random person online.

Contract Details

When looking up a contractor, make sure you review their contractors so you don’t get hit with surprise fees. Is it by the hour? A fixed rate? If you need them to make changes, will it cost you or are there free changes? How do they handle it if you don’t want to work with them anymore? What about fair deposits and withdraws? These questions are important, and researching their contracts are important.

Their Certifications

A contractor may claim they are licensed, but if they aren’t, they may be working illegally and don’t have the skills you need. The Better Business Bureau and court records may be able to help you with this.

Insurance and Liability Protections

Finally, look into what insurance they have and what should happen should they mess up. If the house they built literally falls apart, or they end up knocking the whole house down as they’re building it, they should have ways to compensate you. Mistakes happen, even with a professional contractor, and they should give you all the information about what they have to offer when it comes to protections.

Of course, most contractors can easily prove their licensing, so this rarely needs to be investigated. However, if you’re suspicious of a contractor and they keep dodging questions, you should do a little digging.

By being informed, you can seal the deal with more peace of mind.


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