9 Home Builder Shortcuts that Buyers Need to Look Out for!

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Watching a contractor build your house is exciting, yet don’t let the razzle-dazzle blind you. A bad home builder may cut corners in order to save time and money, which may affect the quality of your house. Here are some shortcuts to look out for.

Cheap Products

Your home should be made from the highest quality materials possible. However, some builders may use cheap materials, and some may even charge you for higher quality materials. If you look at the materials being used to build the house, do your homework. Is it the right type of material?

They Don’t Allow You Inside the House

An honest builder will let you visit your home as it’s being built, but a bad contractor may prevent you from coming inside. Some builders may have an excuse, such as safety concerns, but most builders should let you in when it’s safe to do so. Hire an independent investigator to oversee the home being built. If the contractor protests, something is up.

They Skip Building Steps

Building a home isn’t like a video game, where you can skip levels if you’re good enough. People always tell you, “Avoid bad builder” in regards to that. Some examples of skipping steps include nailing instead of bolting, or not priming the walls before painting. Again, an inspector may help with this one.

They Hire Unskilled Laborers

If you see inexperienced, underpaid workers building your home, watch out. Always ask for references and experience if you’re unsure if the workers building your home are skilled. If the contractor refuses, something’s up.

They’re a Little Focused on Amenities

One step in the shortcut building process a bad contractor may give you is offering amenities for cheap. They may offer granite counters, or nice appliances. However, at what cost? If it’s too good to be true, it is.

Low Capacity Units

Sometimes, a bad contractor may install plumbing, AC, and other units that lack capacity. This is another shortcut that you won’t see until it’s too late, so make sure that you’re asking questions. You want adequate heating and AC.

Skips on Sunshades

If you don’t want to lose or gain heat in the home, the windows are something to look out for. A good contractor will make sure to install shade screens, but a bad home builder may tell you that the windows don’t need it. That’s simply untrue.

Poor Attic Insulation

If your bad home builder is insulating the attic to code, that’s not good. They should insulate to the Energy Star Standards in your area. Don’t be afraid to question the insulation process.

They’re Way Ahead of Schedule

Finally, the simplest way to question if your bad contractor is taking shortcuts is if they seem to be going too fast. Some builders can build fast and with quality, but you want your builders to take their time. If you suspect something is wrong, do not be afraid to intervene


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