Are Today’s Contractors Better Than the Contractors of Old?

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old home versus new home

Many people will swear by older houses. With so many stories of bad contractors cutting corners and not putting as much love in the craft, it’s easy to say that the houses of old are built better and built to last. However, is this just blind nostalgia as usual?

The answer is complicated.

Some Older Houses Are Better  

There is truth to the idea that some older houses are built to last, while the newer homes fall victim to bad construction from bad contractors. Older homes tend to come from a time when the materials were thicker and built to last, and the craftsmanship was more mindful and less on autopilot. The materials were also more expensive. While newer homes may be cheaper, they’re not as long-lasting. You see many homes from the old days still standing tall.

If a newer home has poor materials, it may need more maintenance and may need to be rebuilt a few times to last as long as an older house. This is a little sad. In 2020, many of us expected houses straight out of The Jetsons, not homes that are weaker than our ancestors.

However, Newer Homes Have Many Advantages

Being blind with nostalgia and not accepting that some things are better is also not a mindset to have. Newer homes do have the upper hand in many regards.

For example, they’re much more energy-efficient. New houses come with more powerful HVAC units that save energy, and are better insulated. Meanwhile, older homes tend to lose heat quickly during the winter, and vice versa.

The windows are much stronger, able to take more blows than the houses of old. Meanwhile, a roof from a newer house will last you much longer than an old roof.

Older houses may have bad plumbing, while newer homes come with copper plumbing, ensuring a plumbing system that lasts and won’t leak. Speaking of leaking, newer houses are less prone to moisture invasions. We should probably mention as well that older homes may contain building material that can be hazardous to your health, such as asbestos. You’ve seen those commercials, haven’t you?

You Can Get Both

It is possible to have a house built to last that is equipped with the latest technology. Avoiding bad contractors who cut corners and wind up with bad construction and bad plumbing is one good idea. A contractor who doesn’t cheap out on materials may cost you more, but you may save less in the long run.

Sites such as Con-Tractors can help you avoid bad contractors. If a contractor is caught building with cheap materials and cutting corners, they should be called out, and Con-Tractors has an ever-growing list of bad contractors.

In the end, the answer is somewhere in the middle. We should always look to the future and learn how to build things stronger, faster, and more energy-efficient, but also try to build our houses as sturdy as the past.


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