Home Renovations Gone Wrong: Reddit Shares Their Stories

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Everyone has had or knows someone, who has had a bad renovation experience. We’ve collected five stories from around the Internet.

The Ghost

We’ll begin with your standard ghosting story. User SabrinaFaire’s father hired a contractor to raise their house. The dad hired a contractor who was a friend of theirs. The contractor raised the home but didn’t pour the foundation. It turned out this contractor had a history of ghosting. The dad’s ended up lowering the house himself, and Sabrina does not know how he did that. The moral? Don’t trust a contractor just because you’re friends with them.


The Jorts

Reddit user darwinn_69 recounts the story of two contractors, both Russian and not knowing much English, who was hired to the drywall. They had the same problems as many bad contractors do, where they took too long. However, the twist to this story comes when this Reddit user found some blue jean legs cut off and in the bedroom. The contractors made their own jorts (shorts made from cutting off the legs of bluejeans) in the user’s bedroom.

The Hot Toilet

Reddit user SafetyMan35 recounted a few horror stories, but the one that stuck out to us was the toilet story. It was brief but memorable. The contractor connected the toilet’s water supply to the hot water line, not the cold. We just hope it wasn’t a bidet, and the water isn’t scalding hot.

The T-Shirt

A deleted Reddit user tells the story of what they discovered when they bought a house. They wanted to paint the garage, and they noticed an area that looked oddly patched. The drywall didn’t appear to be drywall. When they examined it, they noticed that it was a series of T-shirts shoved into the wall’s hole, and painted over. If a contractor ever tells you he’d give you the shirt off his back to fix your problem, it may be literal.

The Gossiper

Reddit user Nella describes a meeting they had with a contractor. In this meeting, the contractor spent an hour and a half discussing the job. However, a good chunk of the time was the contractor gossiping and bad talking other contractors, all while swearing they weren’t like that. If you have to always bad mouth others, you may have a few skeletons yourself.



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