How Can You Get Your Money Back from a Contractor Who Did Poor Work On Your House?

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How Can You Get Your Money Back from a Contractor Who Did Poor Work On Your House?

Contractors are supposed to do their work to your satisfaction, but when one messes up your job and isn’t offering to make things right, how do you go about getting your money back? There are many ways you can go about it when you tried to request a refund, but they aren’t listening.

Bad Reviews Are Powerful

Leaving a scathing review on their Facebook Page, on Yelp, on Google Reviews, or any other review site is a good way to go about getting something done. Bad feedback is a detriment to any contractor. Even the best contractors have their reputation ruined with one bad job, and many will scramble to make things right so you can change or remove your feedback. If you ask people to share your review, it can put more pressure on the contractor.

Are They Insured?

If the contractor’s description says they are bonded, insured, and licensed, ask for their bond. If the damage the contractor has done is covered by the bond, you can contact the insurance company or whoever made that bond. Make sure you have evidence, and you may get compensation.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

The BBB isn’t going to give you a refund, but it can put pressure on the contractor and be a valuable tool for the next step, which is.

Taking Legal Action

Legal action can sometimes be the best solution. No one wants to do it, but if the amount you need is more than what the state recovery fund permits, then it’s worth looking at. An attorney can be a hassle, and no one wants to go to court, but if you lost a lot of money, plenty of attorneys will be glad to look at your case.

Small Claims Court

If you lost under $10,000 or so, you may need to go to small claims court. In this court, there are no attorneys. Instead, you need to bring as much evidence of your claims as possible. Bring documentation, papers, texts, anything you can. If the contractor does not show up, you do win. However, you must be the one who collects.

Look to the State’s Licensing Board

Look to the State Board’s for Contractors. They oversee all the contractors and they may be able to remove the contractor’s license if they don’t pay up. A complaint can put plenty of pressure on the contractor, as no one wants to go through that hassle. With that said, you should document as much as possible and have a complaint that is bulletproof if you want to succeed.

The Best Solution is Prevention

Getting your money back is a hassle, so we recommend to hire a contractor who is honest and will refund you if the work isn’t up to snuff. There are many ways to find a contractor who is good, as well as looking out for the bad contractors. Sites like Con-Tractors list all the contractors who have had complaints so you can be careful shopping.

Of course, even a highly rated contractor can end up disappointing. Make sure to document everything for your own security and your own sanity should you need to pursue legal action against the contractor.








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