Pros and Cons of a Replacing a Current Contractor With a New One

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Replacing a  Contractor

If you’re thinking of hiring a new contractor or handyman over your current one, is it a smart move? Sometimes, you’ve moved and need a new person to take care of your home. Other times, you just want to try someone new. Here are some pros and cons to this.


More Competitive Rates

If you’re considering looking for a new contractor handyman, many of them may charge you less or match up with the rates of your current contractor, possibly saving you quite a bit of money. The more competition in the market, the more deals the contractors will give you.

A Second Opinion

Having another person look at your problem may give you more perspectives on how to fix it. One contractor may think your problem is an expensive endeavor, while another contractor may know a few ways to fix it without breaking the bank.


Some contractors may give you discounts or deals for being a new client, which is always a bonus. Look at a contractor’s website and see if they have deals for new customers. Chances are, you may get a good deal.

You May Like Them

Finally, replacing contractors could land you in a long-lasting relationship if you’re satisfied with their work. If you’re not satisfied with your current contractor, try switching them for someone who is a better fit for the job.


Switching Can Be A Hassle

It’s always annoying to switch contractors. You have to whip out all the paperwork, identification, payment plans, and other information that your current contractor already has. Sometimes, it just feels more comfortable to stay with what you know.

They May Not Know You As Well

Your current contractor knows the ins and outs of your property and knows what you want. Meanwhile, a new contractor may take a while before they realize what you need and how you want it. Again, staying with what you know is tempting.

They May Not Be Who They Seem

If you have a contractor you can trust, switching to a new one gives you the risk of running into scammers. A contractor can seem like the most trustworthy person, and then they ghost you when you give payments, or always make excuses. While most contractors set out to do the work, there are a few slimy ones who just want your money.

Review Sites Only Go So Far

With normal review sites, it can still be a challenge to figure out if a new contractor is genuine or does quality work. Some contractors are new and don’t have as much information. Some contractors are great but may have had a few dissatisfied clients who are the vocal minority.

However, there are websites specifically designed for bogus contractors. Sites such as Con-Tractors can tell you whether or not the contractor you’re considering is legitimate or not. If you’re considering hiring a new contractor or handyman, look them up and see whether or not they are legitimate.


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