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This review is actually for Chris Boyd\'s previous company that was called G2 Floorscapes. He changed name to Epoxy Coat Texas and changed from cement overlays to epoxy overlays. In doing so he also seems to have cancelled previous warranties, at least my warranty. I had concrete overlay finishing on several patio areas in March of 2017. The contract says that I have a five year warranty. For the past just over 3 months I have been trying to get Chris Boyd, owner of G2 Floorscapes to do a repair of an area that has dis-bonded in the middle of a patio and a reseal of the entire overlay. The reseal is periodic maintenance to keep the overlay in good shape and ensure longevity. The dis-bonded area is a warranty repair. At least it should be. After about two months of calls (none have been returned), and texts, mostly not returned, a crew finally showed up and pressure washed the overlays. They could not decide how to repair the loose area of the overlay. So they left. And I heard nothing for about two weeks. More texts, mostly not returned. When I finally had a text returned, Chris said that the damage is not covered by warranty because water caused the damage. I provided pictures to him of the exact area taken immediately before the concrete patio was poured. There are NO water pipes under there. The area is over three feet above grade. The gutters run from the roof and go underground to pipes. The only water on this area is from rain. Chris now says that that company is out of business and he can do nothing. I was texting with him on the exact same phone number as G2 Floorscapes. It now belongs to his new company Epoxy Coat Texas. He finally says that he still has people that can do the overlay work. Great. Only no one will actually schedule and do the work, or even contact me. So here I am, three months of hiding, lies, and blaming others by Chris Boyd and nothing done. My warranty is not being honored. He does not even care enough about the longevity of the work to do the resealing. I would not use him or his \"new\" company Epoxy Coat Texas because of a serious lack of integrity in the owner.