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Posted on : 18-02-2020 Date: 1/8/2020 (mm/dd/yyyy) Discipline Type: Pending - Disciplinary action is pending against the license in the form of a(n) Disciplinary Hearing NOTICE - The pending action alleges the following violations. Upon final adjudication, some violations or cases may be found to be without merit. Violation(s): NRS 624.301(3) Failure to complete a construction project for price stated in contract NRS 624.3011(2) Failure to obtain permit ?rebuttable presumption of violation of building laws NRS 624.3013(3) Failure to establish financial responsibility NRS 624.3013(5) pursuant to NAC 624.640(5) Bids and contracts to include license number and limit NRS 624.3013(5) pursuant to NAC 624.700(3)(a) Failure to comply with a notice to correct NRS 624.3015(1) Acting beyond the scope of the license NRS 624.3016(3) Knowingly making a false statement regarding a lien NRS 624.3017(1) Workmanship which is not commensurate with standards of the trade in general NRS 624.3018(2) Act cause for discipline against licensee who is member officer director associate