Property Managed Steals My Money


Detroit, MI


Property Manager

Posted on : 07-02-2019 I own a villa which I rent out to various clients from time to time. Because I donÂ’t live in the country, I hired a property manager to oversee the daily running of my property. He was supposed to deal with everything: from ensuring that the rent is being paid to seeing about any plumbing and electrical issues the property might have. The guy I hired was fairly new to the game: didnÂ’t have any reviews but I figured that I should give the guy a chance. Turns out he pocketed money from my tenants for rent and never forwarded it to me. When it was the middle of October and I realized I hadnÂ’t collected any rent money from a client in the villa, I messaged the client and told me that he had paid my property manager. I tried reaching the manager but he never answered my calls, never responded to my text messages, nothing. Next thing I know, clients tell me that heÂ’s not coming to the villa anymore: he just left without a wordÂ’s notice. When I did some asking around, I was told that the guy I hired didnÂ’t even have a real estate license and that he had done this to another landlord who lived overseas. IÂ’m now trying to track him down so I can sue him in court.