Contractor Makes the Biggest Blunder When Installing My Solar Panels


Orlando, FL



Posted on : 07-02-2019 With all the hype about global warming, I decided to go more eco-friendly and install solar panels on my roof. I thought it was a smart decision to stop using as much electricity as I had been using previously and to go for more natural sources of energy. One day, I rang up Sunny Solar Installments who told me that they would have been able to come in the following day to run the cables, do the installments and have me up and running. So said, so done. Two of their employees came in the next day, installed the panels, tested them, and were on their way. Everything seemed perfect. That was until it rained of course. I noticed a couple days later that there was a leak from the roof directly under one of the solar panels. I immediately called my roof-repair guy who, upon checking the leak, determined that the solar panel installers didnÂ’t properly seal the holes they made in my room to run the cables. So I had to pay another set of money to my roof-guy to fix what they did.