What do you do if your engineer and architect disagree with one another?

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engineer and architect

Disagreements are always going to happen, but when you’re trying to have something built, and your engineer and architect are at odds, it can be quite annoying.

Engineers and architects are always butting heads all the time. The architect is a bit of an artist, while the engineer is more science prone. The architect may have a great vision for the project, but the engineer wants it a different way for science or convenience. For example, the awesome roof the architect wants to design may not be practical for the weather.

There are other disputes that can happen, such as the scope of work, or disputes over defects. We are all human, and sometimes, human error does happen.

It can definitely be frustrating. Luckily, there are some ways to resolve the dispute should it happen, such as


A lot of these disagreements happen because of miscommunication. Always make sure that you, the architect, and the engineer are communicating well, and you’ll have less of a chance of disputes happening.

Being Neutral

When the dispute does happen, it’s tempting to blame one side over the other, but playing the blame game has never helped anyone. Try to be as neutral as possible, and make sure both parties are heard.

Hiring an A Firm That Does Both

Hiring a firm that has both architects and engineers is a good move. The firm doesn’t want any fights, and if they see the architects and engineers squabbling, the firm may treat them like how a parent treats two arguing siblings.


Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a 3D model of the project that can help architects, engineers, and other people in the project know what they are doing. If the firm you’re hiring has this implemented, it can reduce disputes.


This is Integrated Project Delivery or IPD. It uses a contract to show what to expect from the project so that everyone is on the same page. Make sure that you have something like this in place before you begin the project.


No one likes a lawyer, do they? But sometimes, you need to have a lawyer to help mediate the architect and the engineer, if both are not listening to you and keep squabbling.

Lawyers who deal with construction law and similar aspects of the law could be your best bet for getting the dispute resolved. You can be able to get past all the fighting and be able to finish the project of your dreams.

Government Sources

No one wants to go to the government for help, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Look for institutions in your state or local area that deal with disputes. You can see if there’s a way to resolve the dispute that way.


Disputes and disagreements always happen, and by taking the steps to prevent them, and figuring out the resources you have should they happen, it will save some stress.


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