What to do if your contractor placed uneven tiles on your floor or shower?

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You hired a contractor to remodel the tiles on your floor or shower. You’re excited about your new floor and to see what it looks like. You can’t wait to increase the value of your home and the overall look of it. The job is complete. You look at the floor, and…

The tiles are uneven. They look jarring and out of place. Now what? We’re here to explain what you can do when your contractor messes up the job.

Did They Have No Other Option?

Sometimes, your floor is completely unleveled and your contractor has no way of leveling it. However, if your contractor did level it, and it’s still uneven, now is the time to be skeptical. Most floors can be leveled and the tiles can be even, so be skeptical if the contractor says they can’t do it.

Is There a Way to Fix it?

Some contractors may be able to fix your floor if there’s uneven tiles. Some may even do it for free as a way to make things right and be in a good relationship with the client. However, some contractors dash away whenever you report a problem, and that’s upsetting.

You Can Level the Subfloor

If they say that the subfloor cannot be leveled, it can. You may be able to use cement or a wood board to level the area. Using tools like a laser scanner are good for checking the floor for its flatness. Scrape away any debris and wipe it down with a sponge. Then, mix and spread mortar, screed the floor, repeat, tighten the corners, and you’re finished.

Is There a Way to Get a Lower Rate?

If the contractor cannot fix it, see if there’s a way to negotiate a lower rate. A contractor should not be rewarded full-price for a botched job; if anything, you should expect a discount for their mistake.

Is There a Way to Hide it?

If you now have an uneven floor, think of a way to hide the unsightly tiles. Furniture is a good option. If it’s a shower, see if there are any shower decorations you can look to in order to put the tiles out of sight. Obviously, this isn’t going to fix the mistake, but it can be a nice little way to hide it until you can fix it.

Visit This Website

Do you have a contractor who dashed as soon as you addressed the uneven tiles? Did the contractor blame you or didn’t offer a discount? You may want to go to Con-Tractors. Con-Tractors has a list of contractors who have had complaints, and you can submit a complaint, too. Hopefully, your experience can deter others from hiring that contractor ever again.

Be Vigilant

The next time you do hire a contractor, make sure you be vigilant. Look them up on Con-Tractors, and read the reviews of their site. Whenever you talk to them about the job, make sure they offer free repairs should the tiles be uneven, or offer lowered rates for a job not so well done.

We understand that contractors have a tough job, but when the client is unhappy, a contractor should try to make things right. If your contractor doesn’t want to make things even, literally in this case, put them on blast and make sure they don’t mess up again.


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