When is it time to get a new HVAC?

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When is it time to get a new HVAC?



Every home owner understands the joy, peace, and happiness that having your own property can bring you. It is most often described as a luxurious, internal feeling – knowing that you made a long-standing investment for your safety and security, and as a sign that you’re settling down. However, it’s not a bed of roses to own a home and keep it looking spruce; it requires not only maintenance, but also a watchful eye to spot when certain systems need changing. Most home-owners are on high alert for their HVAC system and when one needs to get a new one. While it can be a bit challenging for a novice, paying attention to its age, the sounds it emits, as well as how well it actually works are tell-tale signs to determine whether your HVAC has called it a day.

How old is your HVAC?

Like all devices and systems in this world, HVAC systems have expiry dates. If you’ve had your HVAC for more than 10 years, instead of spending money to upkeep it, it’s probably best to invest in a new one. The reason for this is that no matter how much maintenance you do, you just won’t be able to make it run the way it did when you just got it. Age has a way of slowing things down, and don’t think that your HVAC system escapes the hands of time.

Interestingly enough, changing your HVAC can also save you money. With the advances in technology, HVAC systems are constantly under the scrutiny of technicians aiming to improves their efficiency. A more modern HVAC system may be more expensive than the one which you had before but may not pack as hard a punch on your utility bills given that they work faster.

This is even more true if you replace your old HVAC with a unit bearing an Energy Star label. These units have been proven to help you cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as twenty percent. To determine if you should upgrade to an Energy Star labeled HVAC, do a Home Energy Yardstick Test. If you score anything less than five, it’s time to upgrade.

Is your HVAC making any strange sounds lately?

It’s natural to hear the soothing hum of the air conditioner as it blows a gentle breeze in your home. It becomes a strange when what should be a soft hum ends up drowning out all other noises in your house. Rule of thumb – if the volume on your TV is at its highest and you still can’t hear it over the droning of your air conditioning unit, something is definitely wrong.

Now, this does not mean that every strange sound you hear means that your HVAC system has a problem. As it ages, new sounds will creep, and that is completely natural. Some of those, however, show that something is amiss with your beloved system.

Disruptive and distracting noises from your HVAC may be a sign that it has a faulty indoor coil, or a leak, or even that some internal parts have loosened and are consequently rubbing against other international parts.

Does your HVAC control humidity as well as it used to?

Depending on where you live, you know that humidity, sometimes more so than actual heat, is a real killer. Consequently, your HVAC system is supposed to regulate the humidity levels in your home. If at any given point your system stops regulating humidity as it used to, you will definitely realize it. You’ll feel that the air in your home is different, stuffier, and that your air conditioner just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.

Apart from added and unnecessary warmth, a malfunctioning HVAC system can have even more dangerous ramifications on your home. A moist area is the breeding ground for bacteria to fester, leading to the development of several respiratory related infections. Also, warmth can quicken structural damage in wooden flooring, causing actual structural defects in your home.

Knowing when to change or upgrade your old HVAC system is essential to taking care of your home. If you ever need to do so, contact a reputable technician or contractor to have the new one installed. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for their input as to which system you should purchase next. Their professional opinion is valuable, and they will be able to guide you in the right direction.



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