You Might Not Get Your Money Back, Even if You Sue Your Contractor!

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No reasonable person wants to resort to suing a party when they’ve been wronged, but for many who have been wronged by a contractor, they feel like it’s their last resort. When you sue someone for damages and you win, you may think there’s no way the contractor can slither out of getting the money.

This is the case of Susan Kuta, who sued Craig Newman after not completing the work she hired him to do. Kuta won the lawsuit. The problem is that Newman is not answering his door, so she cannot collect.  Kuta is very persistent, however, and has even hired a private eye to tail Newman. We shall update you if this story gets a happy ending.

In the meanwhile, you may wonder what you should do if a contractor has wronged you. How can you get your money back without suing, a method that doesn’t guarantee payment? Let’s find out.

Don’t Pay Any More

Withhold any further payments if your contractor isn’t doing their work properly. They may get the message. If the contractor is using your money to pay for their other work, they may get the memo especially.

Put Them On Blast

In today’s culture, everyone loves to go after someone who wronged someone else. If you have the documentation, leave a bad review or talk about your experience on social media. If the company is competent, they will try to make it right ASAP.

Talk to the Licensing Board of Your State

Go to the State’s Board for Contractors. If you have documentation, you may be able to get your money back, or else the contractor may have to revoke their license. You can write up a complaint form online, or if you prefer a physical method, you can print out a form, or call and have a form mailed.

Try the Contractor Recovery Fund

This is a fund that may be able to compensate you if you have had a loss because of a contractor’s incompetence. It’s worth a shot to try and get some compensation if you need it.

Avoid Future Issues

Always be careful when you’re hiring a contractor. While it’s not your fault if you get conned, you do need to do some research and make sure the person you are hiring is who they say they are.


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